Welcome the Sauna Effect into your life

To take a sauna in Finnish culture, is to rest and just be, without making a fuss out of it. To go to sauna is something super naturally normal to us, something we do not need to rationally reason for ourselves. We have learned as little kids, that sauna makes us be in the moment with nature and our bodies as well as makes us feel peaceful and calm. We do not need to know how healthy it is for us to sweat and sit in a heated room, we do not need to know all the statistics or wellness benefits of sauna as they are given in spas and wellness center, we know it already. We feel it. It just feels good and that is enough.

It’s the feeling when you walk into a calm lake. When you feel safe with someone. When you hug your pet. When you wake up on Sunday morning and take a stretch. The moment when you end your meditation. The movement of your body. The feeling when watching your favourite colour or smelling your favourite scent. The Sauna Effect can show up in many ways, but they all have the same effect, calmness, pease and feeling good.

Here is one little way to invite the Sauna Effect into this moment:

Noticing myself and my body

  1. Feel free to find a seat or standing form what you feel is right for you now
  2. Feel free to breath through the nose or through the mouth, practising either eyes open or eyes closed
  3. You might like to bring your one hand on your heart and one hand on your abdominals
  4. Perhaps notice the temperature of your skin or your clothes on your hands
  5. Maybe direct your breath first to your abdominal area and maybe noticing how that body part moves with your breath
  6. Then perhaps direct your breath into your chest and maybe noticing how that area of your body moves with your breath
  7. You might like to alternate between directing your breath to your abdominal area and then to your chest while noticing any sensations in those areas
  8. Feel free to continue as long as feels right for you
  9. Letting perhaps your hands down on your body or next to your body, noticing any sensations on your body