The Sauna Effect

is a creative lifestyle journal formed from the love of nature and balanced lifestyle. Born from the self-care ritual of the Finnish sauna, The Sauna Effect celebrates everything which makes you feel tranquil, calm and peaceful. This is ultimately what having a sauna is, but the feeling can be reached through other ways as well like lighting a candle, having a relaxed dinner, a walk in the bush or movement with awareness.

The Sauna Effect is..

Hanna Huhtonen

Born and bread on the hills of Western Finland Hanna learned early the healing effects of taking sauna. Sauna tradition is so drilled to the Finnish culture that Hanna got to really appreciate it only when living abroad and missing this simple and so normal (for the cold climate Finns) self-care act. The effect of taking a sauna was an ultimate bliss for Hanna. She found that same connection when doing a yoga asana practice, catching a dream wave in Australia or diving deep into the blue waters on the Atlantic.

Hanna is an author of two books, a publisher of a booklet and a former blogger. From the love of sharing, writing, nature and healthy balanced lifestyle, The Sauna Effect was created.

Hanna lives in a small Portuguese town Sao Lourenço on the Atlantic Ocean and immerses herself in the portuguese pastel de nata culture, rough Atlantic waves and the loving community.