Sauna birch exfoliator

Can be used in sauna, in shower or outside when dipping into a lake, ocean or rock pools.

When sauna is a place for mindfulness and slowness of life, it is also a place for natural beauty-rituals. Many of us use pure honey as a conditioner for skin in the sauna or we love to exfoliate our skin. Birch tree is our national tree and its leaves are very aromatic. The leaves have been used in Finnish saunas for years since their oil reduces swelling and their scent is divine.

One does not need fancy bottles with fancy oils made at the other side of the world, one needs the local herbs, local salt or sugar and some local vegetable oil. One can create their own exfoliators, conditioners and masks, but here is one of my go-to exfoliators especially for mid-summer time when the birch trees are at their best. Enjoy!

3 dl birch leaves
5 dl sea salt
3 dl vegetable oil (such as coconut or olive oil)
(1 tsp honey for non-vegans)

Blend the ingredients together with a mixer or spoon. Can be stored in a glass jar.

Spread all over your skin with water and circling motions.

Enjoy the clean and fragrant skin!