Hanna Huhtonen is a Finnish yoga and movement facilitator living close to the ocean and nature. At the moment Hanna is living at a small surf beach in Portugal. She crew up in a small town at the Finnish fields, studied general history in Helsinki University and has made an international career in specialty food trade. She has practised yoga for years as well as has integrated other conscious practises into her own life like drinking coffee slowly while watching outside of the window.

“I love offering space for people to move their body and be in tune with the ‘now’. I found yoga after being involved in competitive sports my entire youth and found that within yoga I got to move my body from a mindful and conscious state. It became my thing and gave me tools to manage my life and it’s ups and downs”.

Hanna offers yoga which focuses on creating safe places and times for individual’s hectic or otherwise stressful lives. Hanna is a trained Trauma Center Trauma Center yoga facilitator and a certified Hatha and Yin yoga teacher. She herself has undergone many stages in her own life where she had to find ways to deal with high levels of energy, anxiety and stress. Also as a woman she has learned the systematic patriarchal affect on women and their wellbeing and wants to especially make a difference in the life of other women. Empowering fellow women to find a connection in their own bodies and through that to themselves is in the core of Hanna’s work.

If you are looking to try out Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga or looking for someone to run you through restorative movement and breathing practises with open and honest energy, Hanna is your gal!